Snow Removal and Salting

Conquer St. Louis Snowdrifts with Expert Removal and Salting

When St. Louis throws its winter punch, don’t be left buried in snow! Next Level Striping and Construction isn’t just about lines and surfaces; we’re snow removal and salting champions, clearing your driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots with efficiency and expertise, keeping you safe and accessible throughout the coldest months.
Beyond a Shovel and Scoop

Unpacking the Next Level Approach to Snow Removal

Forget backbreaking labor and ineffective clearing! We’re equipped and ready to tackle any blizzard:

24/7 Monitoring and Rapid Response

Our dedicated team closely monitors weather forecasts and deploys before the snow even lands, ensuring prompt and proactive service.

Fleet of Powerful Equipment

From snow plows and loaders to trucks and skid steers, we have the right equipment to handle any snowfall, be it light dusting or major winter storm.

Professional Snow Removal Techniques

We clear driveways, sidewalks, walkways, and parking lots meticulously, prioritizing safety and accessibility for residents, customers, and employees.

Expert Salting and De-icing

We apply high-quality, environmentally friendly salts to keep ice at bay, preventing slips and falls on walkways and parking areas.

Customizable Service Plans

Choose from one-time snow removal to full-season contracts, tailored to your property's needs and budget.

Next Level Solutions for Every Winter Need

Residential Snow Removal

Keep your driveway and walkways clear and safe for your family, visitors, and the mailman.

Commercial Property Snow Management

Ensure smooth operations and customer safety with snow removal and salting services for parking lots, walkways, and entrances.

Sidewalk and Walkway Clearing

Maintain safe access for pedestrians with prompt and thorough snow removal from sidewalks and pathways.

Ice Dam Removal and Prevention

Protect your roof and prevent costly damage with expert ice dam removal and preventative salting techniques.

Snow Relocation and Hauling

We remove excess snow from your property, maximizing parking space and preventing melting snow from causing additional problems.

Invest in a Worry-Free Winter

Peace of Mind and Safety

Focus on the holidays or your business, knowing your property is safely accessible even during snowstorms.

Reduced Liability

Prevent accidents and lawsuits with professional snow removal and salting, minimizing winter hazards.

Increased Property Value and Curb Appeal

A well-maintained property in winter shines brighter, attracting tenants, buyers, and positive attention.

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Don’t let winter snowfall bury your St. Louis dreams! Contact Next Level Striping and Construction at 573-712-4992 or visit us at 5311 Jimmy DR, Arnold, MO for a free quote and customized plan to conquer the next blizzard with ease. We’ll keep your paths clear, your property safe, and your winter worries at bay.

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